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My First Time Snowboarding

Updated: May 1, 2020


I just had the most exciting weekend. I went snowboarding for the first time. Major WOW .... I have been skiing since I am 3 years old, but last weekend (December 14 & 15, 2019) when we went up to Andorra I asked my parents if I could try snowboarding.

We went up with my parents and the family of my best friend Cristina. As always we go to El Tarter in Grandvalira. Our parents had booked a beginners class for the both of us.

DAY 1 - First ever time snowboarding

I was really excited, trying the boots and getting my board , at Viladomat, just down the hill from our amazing chalet in El Tarter (check out Kabano Andorra).

Getting my boots & board at Viladomat in El Tarter

The board was really cool, from Burton with astronauts and robots on it ...

Ready to go riding for the first time ever, with my super cool Burton snowboard.

The first day we both spent a lot of time on our bums. But we had great fun. Our teacher was amazing, showing us really well. And he was super fun and cool. His name is Carlos, in case you are looking a beginners level snowboard teacher.

Day 1, one of the first times down the piste. Woohooh!

I really liked snowboarding, even more then skiing I think. Carlos, our instructor, thought I had done it a few times before. But no it was my first time (at 7 years old).

Day 1, the result at the end of my first day of snowboarding, ever

We were both exhausted at the end of the day. But really happy. We learned the basics ...

Thrilled after our first day of snowboarding in El Tarter...

Thrilled after our first day of snowboarding.

In the evening we went for dinner with our parents to Foc i Lloc in El Tarter. Cristina and me played and took selfies 🎬📸😍.

Out for dinner at Foc i Lloc in El Tarter, with my best friend Cristina.

DAY 2 - Second day snowboarding

We are all geared up and ready to go for our second day of beginners snowboard class. We can't wait to go with Carlos.

Day 2 of snowboarding in Grandvalira, ready to go!

Carlos taught us many new things, and we had a lot of fun again snowboarding. He is a really good instructor!

Day 2 of snowboarding in Andorra, off to a good start.

Here a picture of Carlos, Cristina and me. He is really nice and funny.

This is Carlos, our snowboard instructor, and my best friend Cristina. In El Tarter - Grandvalira, Andorra

At the end of the day after class, we practiced a bit more. It went very well. Take a look at the videos below. 😎🤘

Practicing a bit more after class.

Its going well, I think I am getting the hang of this ...

Yes, snowboarding is totally my thing ...

I really liked snowboarding. Actually I prefer it much more then skiing. I asked my parents right away if next time we would go to the snow, I could snowboard again. 👀

I can't wait 🤩

Bye bye,


PS if you are looking for a chalet in El Tarter, Andorra, check out

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