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My Second Time Snowboarding

Updated: May 1, 2020

I loved snowboarding so much last time we went up to the snow in Andorra I asked my parents if I could have snowboard-classes again over Christmas.

I was so happy, they said yes. As I really like snowboarding much more than skiing. So I was off to my second time snowboarding in El Tarter - Grandvalira. I was really excited ....

My second time snowboarding. Great fun!

This time I had another teacher. His name is Manel. He taught me a lot of techniques and cool moves. He was very nice and we had a lot of fun. I really liked the way he was teaching me.

My second time snowboarding, in Grandvalira, December 2019.

My second time snowboarding, in Andorra, December 2019

I really had a great time with Manel. We took many different slopes, and we went everywhere in Grandvalira. Or at least it felt this way. We even went all the way from the top, down to the car parking of El Tarter, taking Gall de Bosc in Grandvalira, Andorra.

Riding down Gall de Bosc in EL Tarter, Grandvalira.

Manel seemed like he was real good at snowboarding. He told me he also did Freestyle. He explained to me how he jumped and stuff. This sounded very exciting to me. You can check out his Instragram here: Manel Maestre.

Oh, and here a foto of Manel and me.

A photo with my snowboard instructor Manel Maestre

In a few days, my best friend Cristina will be coming to stay with us, at our chalet in El Tarter for New Years Eve. I can't wait, it will be a lot of fun ...

I will write again in the new year ....

Bye bye,


PS if you are looking for a chalet in El Tarter, Andorra, check out

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